The following materials represent a small example of the wide variety of options Hauser Brothers can supply. Please contact us for more details.


Commercial Roofing / Siding

  • WF-636 Cladding

    Great looks and durable design will allow the 636 to cover any commercial or industrial requirement - full standard range of colors available...+read more

  • WF-636 Cladding Reverse

    The 636 reverse sheet, the inverted view of the wall sheet, provides excellent waterproofing on a roof line installation, or as a narrow rib view on wall cladding...+read more

  • WF-636 Floor

    1.5" deep floor deck with a full 36" coverage...+read more

  • WF-636 Roof

    Available in both the "button-punch" and "cladding lap", this panel covers a full 36" and is run in both Galvanized and light zinc coat...+read more

  • WF-7/8

    This is an age old proven panel, which has been re-defined with a great assortment of paint finishes, including galvalume plus...+read more

  • WF-HF-12

    Our 12" hidden fastener systems is available in fluted or non-fluted panel types with flutes available as single, double, triple or fully striated...+read more

  • WF-HF Perforated Soffit

    A great vented soffit panel, which is available in a variety of gauges in a large selection of colors...+read more

  • Nordic Clip

    High performance Nordic Clip roof is universal. It can now be found virtually anywhere from mansards, to low slope roofs on large factories. Most importantly...+read more

  • Prolok

    Available in 12" or 16", this is our premium concealed fastener product that covers the market for commercial and light industrial work, particularly in the variety of colors and gauges available...+read more

  • WF-12-36

    Strength, clean design and color diversity allows WF-12-36 to be the choice on new construction, renovations and in particular, pre-engineered steel buildings...+read more

  • WF-324 Floor

    3" Floor deck to ensure your structural loading is met...+read more


Residential Roofing / Siding

  • Dekk-Tile

    Dekk-Tile is available in 14” and 16” stamps. Its contemporary “clay-tile” style creates vivid shadows that will enhance any building. Dekk-Tile is available in your choice of 6 low gloss, high performance color coatings in 26 gauge with a 40-year paint warranty...+read more

  • Prolok 12" and 16"

    Prolok 12" and 16" with Concealed Fastening System. The Prolok Panel with its 12 or 16 inch width shows great shadow lines to enhance the overall appearance...+read more

  • Slate / Shingle

    The last roof your home will ever need!...+read more


Agricultural Roofing / Sliding

  • Diamond Rib

    Diamond Rib is a multipurpose profile for walls or roofs. With 3/4" high trapezoid rib design and 6" rib spacing, Diamond Rib is a strong, attractive profile...+read more

  • Duraclad

    Duraclad is well suited for wall or roof applications. This panel offers strength and an anti-syphon sidelap design for both economy and peace of mind. Available in a wide range of gauges and finishes, Duraclad is our most popular panel...+read more

  • Allclad

    Allclad is similar in design to Duraclad, but with an added rib aon top of the major ribs, gives Allclad a board and batten appearance and maximum spanning strength for both wall and roof applications...+read more

  • Weathershield 1

    Weathershield 1 is a lightweight steel cladding profile suitable for a variety of agricultural applications. It features a low profile, solid lapping rib design that is most suited to cladding arch rib and Quonset style buildings...+read more

  • Weathershield 2

    Weathershield 2 is a low profile panel well suited for walls or roof applications. The double rib side lap makes for a snug fit that is very weather proof...+read more


Exotic Metals

Hauser Brothers is associated with Western Canada’s most skilled craftsman in custom copper panels.  Any project requiring work with exotic metals would be done under the tutelage of Jim Hauser...+read more


Also available: Aluminum Composite Panel, Foam Panel and Fiber Cement Panel. Call us for more information.

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