Nordic Clip


High performance Nordic Clip roof is universal. It can now be found virtually anywhere from mansards, to low slope roofs on large factories. Most importantly, Nordic Clip roofs have the proven durability and quality necessary for schools and public buildings. The combination of structural capacity and clean look gives Nordic the preferred request for many commercial or industrial jobs, including schools government institutions and RCABC requirements.

Nordic Clip panels are precision roll formed to exacting standards with the most up-to-date roll forming equipment.


Line Drawing




Colours and Gauges

Mouse over the swatch for colour name

22 Gauge

24 Gauge

*Colours shown are approximations of actual product. Actual samples available on request. Special colours are also available upon request. Colours with a * by the name are Kynar colours and subject to extra charge.




Charcoal Grey roof                                                      Charcoal Grey


Hartford Green                                                            Charcoal Grey




Brochures and Installation Guides



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