Hauser Brothers Cladding Corp. specializes in metal roof and wall systems.

We offer metal building systems to the industrial, commercial and residential construction industry. A wall or roof system is typically comprised of multiple components arranged into a typical system depending on what a specific building requires. The requirements are based on the location, engineering and architectural demands of the building.

A typical wall system is comprised of a breathable membrane, a steel sub-structure to support exterior cladding, insulation and exterior cladding. A typical roof system is similar but would typically require a form of ice and water membrane in place of a breathable membrane.

We also provide soffit systems which resemble heavy duty drop ceilings framed with heavy gauge steel tied into the existing roof joists, then clad with metal panels.

All our systems can be customized to suit any building project.


Service Area

Currently we provide service to Vancouver and the lower mainland primarily, although we have the ability to co-ordinate and execute projects anywhere in Canada as far north as Yellowknife and as far east as Toronto. Our reputation was built on the ability to persevere through tough jobs in tough locations doing whatever it took to get the job done on schedule.


Other Options

In order to accommodate our clients to the utmost of our ability we have developed a design build process that can be tailored to suit any job:

  1. Client contacts us to request a free consultation/quote
  2. Depending if the project is an existing structure or new construction we will either visit the site to measure the job or scale the drawings to assess the scope of work.
  3. At this point the client can choose one of two options:
    1. Visit our showroom to observe our section of panel options
    2. Select panel options from our web site
      1. Once our client has selected what material they would like to use we can generate an architectural rendering of the job incorporating reveal flashings or any other architectural accents into the design. This helps our clients get an idea of what the building will look like upon completion.
      2. Once this process is complete we can establish a price based on material, location, logistics and degree of difficulty.
      3. Once the contract is awarded we move forward with ordering our material and mobilizing on site.
      4. Once on site we work continuously up to completion of our projects.


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